Professional Organizer, Alicia Leibowitz, formed The Dotted i in 2006 to provide professional,
high end organizing services to corporate and residential clients. Her greatest talents are
empathizing, intuiting, and teaching people how to make life easier. She develops systems that
work for clients based on their natural organizing style - even if they think they don't have one.

There are those who seem to be "born" organized and those whose skills are hard-won. Alicia is
a combination. As a child, yes, she did color-code her M&M's, but her sense of time was not as
keenly developed as her sense of details. She also had perfectionist and pack rat tendencies.
Always searching for a better way to manage her time and stuff, she has been researching
organizing tips and products for decades. Now a recovering perfectionist, reformed pack rat, and
permanent student of time management, she truly understands the pressing need to "get
organized." However, she has found ways to keep her ducks in a row, be on time for
everything, and has developed a methodology to help others do the same.         

She draws upon 20+ years of professional experience including more than 10 years in Executive
Assistant/Office Manager roles supporting C-level executives and more than 10 years as a
Videographer/Producer/Writer. Her diverse industry experience (media, financial services,
executive recruiting, and health-related services) gives her a unique perspective on processes and
procedures. Wherever she goes, she always creates order out of chaos and “dots the i’s” - thus
the business name.

A long-time Southern Westchester (NY) resident, Alicia is married and has two school-age girls.
She grew up in Ohio and earned her B.S. in Communications from Ohio University. She is
upbeat, professional and diplomatic. And she really does dot her i’s!      

Alicia is a member of the National Association of Professional Organizers and is a Notary Public
in the state of New York.
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