Organizing Your Office

Do you want to look amazing to your bosses and clients?
You are a true professional - successful and motivated to find ways to be even better. Alicia will help

  • Manage paperwork efficiently
  • Organize your workspace
  • Improve your personal productivity
  • Manage your database effectively

Alicia listens to your needs and learns about your specific situation. She develops a strategy to
accomplish your goals. She learns how you think and suggests custom solutions. Then she works with
you to implement the plan. She follows up to ensure your success.

Organizing projects range in scale from revamping filing systems to sorting through piles of paperwork
to creating tracking systems for business development leads. Throughout the entire organizing
process, Alicia shares organizing principles so you learn how to maintain the systems easily.

Do you need a Virtual or Ad Hoc Executive Assistant?
This is a service Alicia offers by special arrangement. Call The Dotted i to find out more.

Are you a CPSE Provider of OT and PT?
Alicia developed a fantastic system that works within the constraints of New York's Westchester County
Department of Health.
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